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Birthday Parties


The birthday of your child in the Holiday Park – superfun with Maya the Bee, Wickie & Co.

Shining children’s eyes guaranteed: a birthday party in the Holiday Park turns dreams into reality! Plenty of fun riding, a lot of exciting or funny shows and varied possibilities to play turn every celebration into a true feast, an incomparable experience.

Every child that celebrates its birthday is visited by a real TV-star at its party: Maya the Bee, Tabaluga or Wickie personally pass by to congratulate the birthday child ! Besides that the child that celebrates its birthday can look forward to a cheerfully decorated table and a surprise present for every guest.

The offer for children’s birthdays is valid from six paying kids up to and including 14 years (ID required) combined with booking a menu for the birthday of a child. The child that celebrates its birthday gets free access to the Holiday Park.


Menu & Entrance


Menu Kids Box: Park entrance, hamburger or 4 chicken nuggets, french fries with ketuchp/mayo, capri-sun, colouring book and crayons

Menu Chicken Nuggets: park entrance, 6 chicken nuggets, french fries with ketchup/mayo, softdrink 0,5l

Menu Crêpe: park entrance, 1 Crêpe (sugar/cinnamon), capri-sun


Menu Kids Box

0,85cm - 99cm: 15,98 € p/P

1m - 8 years: 18,49 € p/P

Yearcardholder: 5,99 € p/P

Birthday child: 5,99 € p/P


Menu Chicken Nuggets

0,85cm - 99 cm: 17,49 € p/P

1m - 8 years: 20 € p/P

9 -14 years: 20 € p/P

Yearcardholder: 7,50 € p/P

Birthday child: 7,50 € p/P

Compagnions (min 15 years): 28,49 € p/P


Menu Crêpe

0,85cm - 99 cm: 14,49 € p/P

1m - 8 years: 17 € p/P

9 -14 years: 17 € p/P

Yearcardholder: 4,50 € p/P

Birthday child: 4,50 € p/P

Compagnions (min 15 years): 25,49 € p/P



Please register your group at least ten working days before visit.


In case of a complete cancelation less than 72 hours before the date of visit, the following fees can proportionately be charged for the food package.