GeForce Birthday Pack

GeForce Bday Package

GeForce Birthday Package: Celebrate your birthday in Holiday Park!

Would you like to celebrate your birthday in a themepark with friends? And are you crazy about the GeForce? If the answer to both questions is 'YES', then this birthday formula is really something for you! The GeForce Birthday package in Holiday Park includes: Entry to the park, Menu of choice and 1 exclusive GeForce express entrance for the entire group.

CONTENT: Entry ticket + Menu of choice + 1 GeForce Express entrance
PRICE: € 38,50 all-inclusive


MENU'S: 1 menu of choice, exchangeable at Maja-Burger or Camp Kitchen:

  • 1 CHEESEBURGER MENU: Double cheeseburger + fries + Ketchup or Mayo + 1 soft drink.
  • 1 CHICKENBURGER MENU: Chicken burger fillet + fries + Ketchup or Mayo + 1 soft drink.
  • 1 BACON BURGER MENU: Bacon hamburger + fries + Ketchup or Mayo + 1 soft drink.
  • 1 CHICKEN NUGGETS MENU: 6 chicken nuggets + fries + Ketchup or Mayo + 1 soft drink.

Yearcardholders can obtain the formula at € 14,99 (Menu of choice + GeForce express access)

Only bookable here for groups upward of 6 persons.