Questions and answers about your visit to Holiday Park

Are there any restrictions at Holiday Park?
There are no longer any restrictions at Holiday Park. No reservation is required. No mask is required. No 3G proof is required.

Do I need 3G proof?
No 3G proof is required to visit Holiday Park.

Do I need to wear a mouth-nose mask at Holiday Park?
You don't need a mask at Holiday Park!

Are all attractions open?
 From 03.04.2022 Holiday Park will be open again with all attractions. You can always find maintenance-related closing times in the opening times calendar by clicking on your visit day.

How can I visit the Holiday Park?

  • You want to buy a new ticket: You can easily buy your ticket here in our online shop and avoid waiting times at the ticket office. Alternatively, you can also buy your tickets on site with waiting time at the box office.
  • You already have a ticket that is still valid: Within the validity period of your ticket, you can visit the Holiday Park with this ticket without a reservation. 
  • You have an Annual Pass or Citizen Card: With an Annual Pass or Citizen Card you do not need to make a reservation. You can enter the park directly on presentation of the card.

I can't open the webshop. I always end up on the start page. What can I do?
This problem is caused by an outdated version of an ad blocker. Please deactivate the ad-blocker in your browser or try with another browser without an ad-blocker or with another terminal.

I already have a date-bound ticket for the 2022 season. Can I change this ticket?
You do not have to change your ticket. You can redeem your date-bound ticket until 01.11.2022 on any opening day without pre-booking. 

I have a promo code (e.g. Schlemmerblock, etc.) that is valid for tickets. How can I use it?
Promocodes and vouchers can be redeemed in the online shop. Discount codes are only valid for the purchase of new tickets ≥ 1,40m (42,50€). To redeem the discount, simply enter the PLU number or promo code in the online shop as the discount code and click "add". Please check that the discount has actually been deducted before you complete your order. It is not possible to apply discount codes retroactively. 

How do I book my visit with the Annual Pass?
You don't need to make a reservation with your annual pass! You can enter the park simply by showing your annual pass!

How do I book my visit with the Citizen Card?
You don't have to make a reservation with your Citizen Card! You can enter the park simply by showing your Citizen Card!

I have a voucher for an annual pass (e.g. from Groupon). How do I redeem my voucher?
On the day you want to visit the park, take your voucher to the ticket office to get your annual pass. You do not need to make a reservation. 

I have a disabled pass. How can I buy a ticket online?
You cannot buy a ticket online with a disabled pass. The reduced tickets for holders of a disabled pass and their registered companion can simply be purchased on site at the box office upon presentation of the pass.

Can I also buy my ticket at the box office on site?
Yes! No online reservation is required! We recommend that you buy your tickets in advance via the Holiday Park website to avoid queues at the ticket office.

Do birthday children get free entry?
When booking a children's birthday package, the birthday child receives free admission. More information here.

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