Safe to Holiday Park: questions and answers

What measures were taken in the park?
In order to allow visitors to enjoy the park in a safe way, we ask you to always keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other visitors and employees and that you regularly wash and disinfect your hands. Read more about all the measures taken here.

Will shows, events and meet&greets take place?
Unfortunately, during the period with corona measures, shows, events and meet&greets cannot take place.

Do I need to wear a mouth and nose mask at Holiday Park?
In some areas of Holiday Park, a mouth and nose mask must be worn. Please bring a mouth-nose mask for your visit. It is best to bring several if one of your masks gets lost or broken.

How can I reserve my visit to Holiday Park?
A visit can be reserved in 3 different ways. You always have to reserve your tickets in advance online. You can currently make reservations until 1 November 2020. Only children under 85 cm and persons with a disability do not have to book tickets. Persons with a disability can purchase their tickets at the ticket offices of the park.

Always bring your reserved ticket printed to the ticket control at the park. Tickets can temporarily not be scanned from smartphones.

  • I don't have a ticket yet
    Buy your ticket here and select the date of your visit.
  • I already have a valid ticket or a ticket that expired during the park's closure period
    You can exchange your ticket for a new ticket with date for free online.
  • I have an annual pass
    Book your date and timeslot here. If you just bought your annual pass, you can reserve your visit starting 24 hours after the purchase.

I have a valid ticket for Holiday Park with expiration date in the period March-April-May-June.
All tickets with a limited validity that normally expire in the period March-April-May-June may be used at Holiday Park until December 31st, 2020 incl. You will need to book your visit online in advance. That's what you do here.

I still have a discount coupon/voucher for a ticket or annual pass that expires between today and June 10, 2020, can I still use it?
Exceptionally, you can use your coupon or voucher for a ticket or annual pass until December 31st, 2020 incl.

I have a promo code valid for tickets. Can I use it for my reservation?
It is still possible to use a promo code during your reservation. These codes are only valid on new tickets ≥ 1.40m and not if you already have a ticket. The discount is calculated on the applicable cash register rate.

What about my Holiday Park Yearcard?
Your Holiday Park Yearcard has been automatically extended with the number of days on which the park was closed and your Yearcard was valid. These days start on June 10, 2020. From June 10, 2020, you will find the new expiry date of your annual pass in your profile via

With your valid annual pass, you can only visit Holiday Park after making an online reservation.

I have an annual pass including parking. Can I still use the parking for free?
Annual passes with parking remain valid. You do not have to buy a parking ticket during the reservation process.

I have an annual pass and want to reserve my visit, but see that my desired day of visit is full.
Don't panic! We haven't released all the capacity yet. So tickets may be available again for your desired day of visit. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels!

I have a voucher for an annual pass (from f.e. Groupon). How can I reserve my visit?
In this case it is not necessary to make a reservation for your visit. On the day you wish to visit the park, go to the ticket office with the voucher to have the annual pass created. You are guaranteed access to the park on the same day on presentation of the receipt. We provide sufficient capacity for this.

Can I book my visit as a disabled person?
Disabled people who want to visit a Plopsa park do not need to book their visit in advance. You can purchase tickets for you and your guide on the day of your visit at the park ticket offices.

Is it possible to cancel a reservation or to move it to another date?
You can move your reservation to another date by clicking here and selecting the option to reschedule your reservation. Has the day for which you made your reservation already passed and you have not used the reserved tickets? Then you can also move your reservation to a day of your choice until 30 June 2021. Even if you haven't chosen a new date yet, you can use your unused tickets later on a day of your choice, you don't have to do anything now.

Only in case reservations would no longer be required, you can use your reservation tickets on a day of your choice until 30 June 2021 (even if your ticket originally expired before this date).

As a result of COVID-19 we are obliged to work with a completely new online reservation system in the context of crowd control, we are unfortunately forced to charge an administrative cost of €3.50 per ticket when moving a reservation. After all, changing a reservation also means extra effort and time for the specialised partner we work with. For this we also have to pay our partner. In case of illness, you can cancel your reservation for free.

Can I use the discount with my Plopsa annual pass in other theme parks and zoos during the period with corona measures?
Yes, but not at all previously communicated theme parks and zoos. At the moment, you can make use of the discount on the entrance price with your Plopsa annual pass in the parks listed on this page.

Please note: all of these parks require you to make a reservation in advance. Click on the name of the park for the modified procedure in order to benefit from the discount.

Can I use the discount when purchasing tickets for a Plopsa park with my annual pass of another theme park or zoo (non-Plopsa)?
Yes, but we do not currently accept all previously communicated partner parks. If you have an annual pass for one of the following parks, you can use your annual pass to book online at the preferential rate:

  • Apenheul
  • Bellewaerde
  • Bellewaerde Aquapark
  • BillyBird Park Drakenrijk
  • BillyBird Park Hemelrijk
  • Bobbejaanland
  • Bokrijk
  • Boudewijn Seapark
  • Cosmodrome
  • Dierenpark Amersfoort
  • Diergaarde Blijdorp
  • Dynamikum
  • Familiepark Drievliet
  • Familiepark Harry Malter
  • Freizeit-Land Geiselwind
  • GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium
  • Grotten van Han
  • Het Speelgoedmuseum
  • Julianatoren
  • Luisenpark
  • Madurodam
  • Monde Sauvage
  • Nausicaá
  • Openluchtzwembad Het Run (BillyBird)
  • Pairi Daiza
  • Pakawi Park
  • Reptilium
  • Sea Life Blankenberge
  • Sea Life Speyer
  • Sensapolis
  • Technopolis
  • Toverland
  • WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen
  • Walibi Belgium
  • ZOO Antwerpen
  • ZOO Planckendael
  • ZOO Serpentarium
  • Zoo Osnabrück

You can book your visit to a Plopsa park via the website of the park you wish to visit. Click on 'Reserve your tickets here' at the bottom left and select 'I don't have tickets yet'. Then select the tickets ≥ 1m and enter the promo code you received from the park to which you have a subscription. Be sure to bring your valid subscription with you to the ticket control in the Plopsa park.

Can I also book my visit at the park ticket offices?
We recommend you to book your tickets in advance via the park website to avoid any queues at the ticket offices. Here you will find all the information you need to book your tickets.

We have planned a school trip/group visit during the closure period. Can I cancel it?
School trips can be cancelled. For group visits we ask you to choose a new date later in the year. You can contact us via

We have planned a school trip/group visit during the upcoming months. Can I cancel it?
Group visits can be rescheduled at any time. You can contact us via School trips that take place during this school year can be cancelled free of charge.

I bought a ticket (accompanying person) for the Season Kick-Off on March 29th in Holiday Park, will this be refunded?
Soon, you will be able to exchange this ticket for a new ticket with date that you can use for an opening day of your choice until December 31st, 2020 incl.

I have a free ticket and/or paid tickets for accompanying persons for the open park days for teachers during Easter holidays.
You can use these free tickets and tickets for accompanying persons during the upcoming open park days for teachers (autumn or Christmas holidays).

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