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School Groups


Are you planning a visit to Holiday Park with your class and do you want to get to know the park beforehand? Then make use of our INTRODUCTION DAYS for teachers!

Teachers (provide proof) can enter Holiday Park FOR FREE! Up to 4 accompanists receive 5€ reduction on the regular price of 32,99€.

Note: Please do not forget a proof that you are a teacher! This action is valid during the time of 24.03 - 08.04.2018 and 29.09 - 14.10.2018.

Kindergardens: 13.99 € per Person

Valid for registered nurseries (infants) from 10 paying scholars/children onwards (Pre school age) and with joint payment. Children up to 0,85 m: free entry. Per 6 paying scholars/children one teacher/ nurse has free access. The bus driver has free access. Every other accompanying person: EUR 13,99.

Primary Schools  Class 1 - 13: 13.99 € per person

Valid for registered nurseries (infants) or schools from 10 paying scholars/children onwards(max. 19 years/ from 1 m size) and with joint payment. Children from 0,85 - 1 m: EUR 10,99. Children up to 0,85 m: free entry. Per 10 paying scholars/children one teacher/ nurse has free access. The bus driver has free access. Every other accompanying person: EUR 13,99.

Please note:
Please register your group at least ten working days before visit. For groups which have not registered themselves in advance, a processing fee of 25.00 Euro per group will have to be paid at the box office. These prices of the schoolgroup will not be valid during the holidays.

  • Please pay attention to the opening hours!


Please register your group at least 10 working days before visit.

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Have fun and enjoy!

Please set one menu per group.

  • - Mini-Kids menu:
  • Hamburger or 4 Nuggets
  • with French Fries & Ketchup/Mayo, Capri-Sun
  • (Restaurant Maja-Burger) : € 4,99
  • - Children Spaghetti menu:
  • Children Spaghetti, Capri-Sun
  • (Restaurant Casa Palatina): € 6,99
  • - Children-Schnitzel menu:
  • French Fries, Children-Schnitzel, Capri-Sun
  • (Restaurant Casa Palatina): € 6,99
  • - Chicken Nuggets menu:
  • French Fries, 6 Nuggets, Ketchup/Mayo, Softdrink 0,5l
  • (Restaurant Maja-Burger): € 7,99
  • - Hamburger menu:
  • French Fries, `Double Hamburger' or 'Double Cheeseburger', Ketchup/Mayo, Softdrink 0,5l
  • (Restaurant Maja-Burger): € 7,99
  • - Pasta menu:
  • Spaghetti Bolognese or Penne Carbonara, Softdrink 0,5l
  • (Restaurant Casa Palatin): € 9,99
- Wiener schnitzel menu:
Schnitzel Wiener Art, French Fries, Softdrink 0,5l
(Restaurant Casa Palatina): € 9,99

- Capri-Sun: € 1,75

- Ice Cream: € 1,75

Please note: Please make your reservation 10 working days before your visit to Holiday Park. You will need Holiday Park’s written confirmation in order to receive your menu. All prices are per person, plus entrance fee. We always do our very best to accommodate our visitors’ wishes, so you can have your perfect stay at the park. When booking your visit please let us know your choice of meal. On your day of visit we ask you not to miss your reservation slot at the restaurant, because we cannot guarantee available space at a later time, if your group arrives late. All offers are valid for school groups of at least 10 people.