General sales terms and conditions

1. The reservation for a group visit can be cancelled more than 7 days before the date of visit. If the group visit is cancelled fewer than 7 days before the visit date or if the group does not show up on the reserved date, a fee of 25% of the total amount for the group visit will be payable, except for proven force majeure. This condition is only allowed to be waived by agreement concluded with Plopsa.

2. The purchase of a subscription by way of direct debit can only be cancelled by registered letter, at the latest, one month before the subscription expires. If this is not done, the direct debit and season ticket will be tacitly renewed for the same period and subject to the same termination option.

3. By purchasing tickets for a specific date through the e-shop, the right of withdrawal will no longer be applicable, nor will the tickets be refunded.

4. Credit Cards will be debited immediately after payment.

5. Upon settlement of the Plopsa subscription via direct debit, the Customer has the option to save the debit or credit card information on their Plopsa Customer account at Twikey. By choosing the option ‘credit card’ the credit card information will be stored on the secured servers of the payment provider MultiSafepay on behalf of Plopsa. The Customer authorizes MultiSafepay hereby to collect and save their credit card information. In case the Customer wants to delete the debit or credit card information from their account, they can for example log in to their Plopsa Customer account at Twikey, go to Payment Details and delete the saved card.

6. The customer’s own purchasing terms cannot be opposed to Plopsa nv, Studio Plopsa nv, Plopsa Village nv, Plopsa Hotel nv, Plopsa srl, Plopsa bv, Plopsaqua Hannut-Landen srl, Plopsa Station Antwerp nv, Cookayak s.a., Majaland Kownaty S.p.z.o.o., Majaland Warsaw S.p.z.o.o., Majaland Gdansk S.p.z.o.o., Holiday Park GmbH or Betrieb Für Freizeitgestaltung GmbH & Co KG. Every deviation from the present general terms and conditions must be stipulated in writing.

7. The goods and services will be invoiced in the extent of their delivery, even if it is only partial.

8. An administrative fee of 5 euro will be charged for drawing up an invoice for an amount less than 50 euro.

9. Any protest of the invoice must be sent by registered post within eight days of receipt. Such protest must be fully detailed and reasoned.

10. All invoices must be paid into one of the listed bank accounts within eight days of the invoice date.

11. The non-payment of the invoice on the due date results in the enforceability of all receivable claims.

12. If the invoice is not paid on the due date, an interest for delayed payment of 8% per annum and compensation for damages in the amount of 10%, with a minimum of 100 euro, will be payable ipso jure, and without notice of default being required. An additional administrative cost of 10 euro per reminder sent and 20 euro for a registered reminder will be charged. Partial payments will first be credited against the compensation for damages due and the expired interest on delayed payments.

13. The Belgian law applies, and if there is a dispute only the courts of West Flanders, Veurne division will have jurisdiction.

14. All mentioned prices, rates, entrance tickets and/or subscription prices can be changed at any moment. These price changes and their starting date will be announced on the website of the parks.