Annual pass renewal

Renew your annual subscription at the box office or online (e-voucher). When you renew your subscription, you pay the cheapest rate! This is in exchange for your continued trust. You can renew your yearcard within one year after the expiration date.

Each subscriber must be present in order to renew the yearcard. The children must be present so that they can be measured again (with shoes). Please go to the cash register with your ID.

You can renew your yearcard before it expires. The new date is always 12 months after the old deadline. If your subscription expires on June 1, 2020, and you renew it on May 5, 2020, the new deadline is June 1, 2021.

If you want to extend a children's yearcard (85 cm - 1m), its validity will start on the day you renew the card and not on the expiry date. This is because of the fact that we’ll measure the child (with shoes on) to know if the child is shorter  or taller than 1 meter. If the child is still shorter than 1 meter, the card will be extended for one year. If the child grows taller than 1 meter during this year, the card will remain valid until the expiry date. If the child measures more than 1 meter, he/she will need a new yearcard.

A yearcard is valid from the day it is made at the cash register. When you extend your yearcard, we’ll take a new photo and we’ll check if your data is still correct and up-to-date (address, email address,...). If you want to change your personal details during the validity of your yearcard, you can tell us via e-mail (

Would you like to park on the parkings of the Plopsa parks during your visits? Then add a parking pass online to your basket. The parking pass cannot be used at Plopsa Station Antwerp.